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Operation method Bipolar constant current pentagon drive
Applied Motor 5-phase stepper motor
Resolution FULL STEP(1-division), HALF STEP(2-division)
Power supply 20-35VDC 
Max. Run Current 1.5A/Phase
Max. Current Consumption 3A
Number Of Axes 1-axis
Input pulse characteristic_pulse width Min. 10㎲(CW, CCW), Min. 1ms(HOLD OFF)
Input pulse characteristic_Duty Rate 50%(CW, CCW)
Input pulse characteristic_Rising/Falling time Below 130ns(CW, CCW)
Input pulse characteristic_Pulse input voltage [H]: 4-8VDC , [L]: 0-0.5VDC 
Input pulse characteristic_pulse input current 7.5-14mA(CW, CCW), 10-16mA(HOLD OFF)
Input pulse characteristic_Max. input pulse freq Max. 50kHz(CW, CCW)
Environment_Ambient temperature 0 to 40℃, storage: -10 to 60℃
Environment_Ambient humidity 35 to 85% RH, storage: 35 to 85% RH
Weight Approx. 183g (approx. 130g)

※When using over 30VDC power supply, torque characteristics are improved but the driver temperature raise. The unit should be installed at the well ventilation environment.
※Max. current consumption: Based on ambient temperature 25℃, ambient humidity 55%RH.
※RUN current varies depending on the input RUN frequency and max. RUN current at the moment varies also varies depending on the load.
※In case of MD5-HF14-AO, MD5-ND14, there are no DIVISION SELECTION, ZERO OUT function.
※Max. input pulse frequency is max. frequency to be input and is not same as max. pull-out frequency or max. slewing frequency.
※The weight includes packaging. The weight in parenthesis is for unit only.
※Environment resistance is rated at no freezing or condensation.




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