Flying Material Processing : FS701-Firmware

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  • MC700 is a universal motion controller for 1 to 4 axis, programmable for multiple motion applications by simple download of the corresponding function firmware.
  • With use of  firmwares FS701 or CT702 this unit provides excellent solutions with all kinds of flying cut-to-length systems as well as with applications like labeling, printing, punching, sealing etc.
  • Functions and properties are very similar to the FS340 controller described below.
  • The range of functions includes extended possibilities with evaluation and blanking of print marks, floating print mark registers and more.
  • The MC700 hardware is a black-box unit for cabinet mounting.
  • Remote control and communication facilities via external operator terminal, serial PC communication, PROFIBUS or optional via CANBUS (MC700/CI) etc. (see Accessories).


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